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LFA is America’s Premier, Contingency Healthcare & Higher Education Recruiter

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We utilize inbound 24/7/365 candidate attraction methods allowing us to attract the top 15% of passive healthcare and higher education talent for our clients.

We have over 15,000 healthcare and higher education candidates in our database.

We employ marketing strategies to attract the top 20% of the elite in the healthcare and higher education sectors.

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“We boast an ever expanding database of highly-qualified leaders in the senior levels of the healthcare and higher education industry.”

Who We Are…

We are expert Recruitment Consultants for the healthcare and higher education industries.

What We Do…

We help clients find the next superstar for your team and help candidates find their perfect position.

Why Choose Us…

We solve your problem — whether you want New Leaders for your team or whether you want a New Position.

About Us

Lynne Francey & Associates LLC is among the nation’s top executive search firms specializing in recruitment services within the Higher Education, Healthcare and Allied Health industries. Combining over 15 years of experience and a proven track record of excellence, Lynne Francey & Associates has established an impeccable reputation for integrity, confidentiality and credibility. Lynne Francey & Associates’ unique team is extremely qualified and dedicated exclusively to delivering both A+ talent and service to each side of the hiring equation.

Our perseverance has earned us solid, successful, long-term relationships with major clients, resulting in over 90% of our business from referrals and repeat- based clients. When you partner with Lynne Francey & Associates, you are partnering with a well-known, well-established and highly-connected executive recruiting firm. We build superior leadership teams that create a sustainable competitive advantage which enables profitability. Our 95% placement rate attracts new clients year after year.

Our Serving & Specialities

A proven healthcare & higher education recruitment expert. One of the original and still highly successful higher education recruiters who expanded teams focus to include the healthcare industry with significant results.

Healthcare Recruiting

Hiring for: Physicians l Nurse Practitioners l Physician Assistants l Dentists 

Higher Education Recruiting

Hiring for: Campus Directors l Deans l Admissions l Financial Aid

How We Help Our Healthcare & Higher Education Clients

  • My continued goal is to staff healthcare & higher education teams successfully by recruiting and screening the best healthcare & higher education candidates keeping in mind a strong culture, personality and skill-set match. Achievements happen by understanding my healthcare & higher education client’s and candidate’s needs–honing in on both parties “must-haves”. That equals continued and profitable results all around.
  • Who has time to screen unqualified healthcare & higher education candidates that come in from job boards or apply directly to your website? You don’t for sure! Do your job and I will do mine. I work best working directly with healthcare & higher education hiring managers or healthcare & higher education internal recruiters who “get it” and know their culture, company and team. Where are the pain-points? What works for you and your team?
  • Stop trying to pretend you can do it all yourself and engage with us to find out what makes Lynne Francey and Associates, LLC the perfect companion for your next healthcare or higher education hire.

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How We Help Our Healthcare & Higher Education Candidates

  • You may be well networked but I am VERY well connected in both the healthcare & higher education industries and leverage my knowledge, relationships and associates.
  • Healthcare & higher education resume review and LinkedIn advice. I will position you best to the healthcare community and higher education space.
  • I listen to your needs; find out who you are and what your career goals are. Then, I will share opportunities with the best hospitals, healthcare systems and medical groups as well as higher education groups.
  • I prepare you for your interviews. Knowledge of my healthcare & higher education client companies, what healthcare & higher education hiring managers like to hear about, how they hire and interview. You will be best prepared for your meetings. Take the ambiguity out of the interview process.

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Reginald L. Moore, Sr., President and CEO, Education Management, Inc

As a President & CEO of Education Management, Inc., I have used Lynne Francey & Associates LLC exclusively to fill a variety of management-level positions. Lynne has the skill set to understand the varying needs of a smaller, high-growth organization, as well as a large, established company. Additionally, she has the high caliber of talent within her database to fill positions at both types of companies. “I have found Lynne Francey to be a top-notch recruiter, providing responsive and professional services, as well as very well-screen candidates. Lynne truly takes the time to get to understand the requirements of any of the various positions I’ve used her to fill. She doesn’t take a cookie-cutter approach to the job descriptions of her client base. “I have and continue to find Lynne Francey & Associates LLC a consummate group of professionals to work with and would strongly recommend them to any organization looking to fill positions with high-caliber talent.

Stacy Sweeney, Former Group Vice President, Art Institutes

For well over a decade I have utilized the services of Lynne Francey Associates when in need of qualified senior leaders in for-profit Higher Education, especially admissions leaders. Lynne has consistently supplied quality candidates responding to organizational needs. Her commitment to service to ensure a successful match for the organization and the candidate lend a higher level of credibility to her candidates knowing they have been qualified by an expert in the industry. I would recommend Lynne Francey & Associates LLC as a valuable human resource to any Higher Education Institution searching for quality senior leaders.

Joanna Shaginaw, Director of Admissions, Everest Institute, Grand Rapids

I worked with Lynne Francey when I had decided to get back into higher education after a brief hiatus. Lynne was very thorough in understanding my needs for a new position in the industry and understands the Ins and Outs of the interviewing process when I had questions. Lynne helped me through the interview process step by step and thoughtfully gathered personal recommendations to forward on to my interviewers. Lynne had 100{bc017fa2ba67950c773699b4aed4460b38728a4f6cead947c7d76319c2c74870} confidence in me and my abilities and was able to communicate that to my new employers.

Jim Coakley, President, Nashville Auto-Diesel College

For 23 years I denied any inquiries from recruiting professionals. I decided to spend a few minutes asking questions of Lynne and found a position that answered all of my desires. The support was unwavering and the followup was stellar. I often wonder where I would be today if Lynne and her group had contacted me years ago.

Mike Iannacone, CEO/President, Star Career Academy

When it comes to filling an employers’ recruiting needs, I would place Lynne Francey and her team of associates as #1 in the industry. They are without a doubt the “best in the business” and know the industry inside and out. Within a short period of time after our initial contact with them, we receive 1 – 3 resumes of pre-screened candidates that we would hire. They save us the unnecessary time of reviewing countless resumes and allows us to do what we do best. They are dedicated, trustworthy and highly responsive to our recruiting needs and target highly qualified candidates who have proven to be stellar employees. What I like best about working with Lynne and her team is they have a pipeline to candidates that are a step above any in the industry! I have been amazed at who they know and are able to present to us for immediate hire. Their track record for giving us employees who stay the course and deliver results is unparalleled!