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About Lynne Francey

Lynne Francey is the esteemed Founder and Managing Director of Lynne Francey & Associates LLC.

Ms. Francey founded the firm in 2000 with visions of providing superior recruiting services to the higher education sector. As she and her team received national acclaim for their unrivaled service, Ms. Francey expanded the firm’s focus to include the healthcare and IT industries, as well.

Prior to founding Lynne Francey & Associates LLC, Ms. Francey was well-respected as an educator and administrator in private, post-secondary education. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Ms. Francey has held several management positions, including President, Corporate Vice President of Admissions, Academic Dean, and Director of Career Services throughout the course of her career.

Lynne is an accomplished executive with experience in those positions helped hone the skills she calls upon today as she manages and inspires a team of outstanding professionals that share in her vision of providing world-class service to clients.

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