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Key Attributes & Benefits To Candidates

Proven Statistics to Benefit our Healthcare & Higher Education Candidates

of our healthcare & higher education placed candidates have gone on to exceed their objectives in their new role making a substantial contribution to revenue.

of our healthcare & higher education client’s shortlists have been completed with 6 weeks.

of our higher education & healthcare placed candidates have been promoted within 24 months of commencing their roles.


You may be well networked but I am VERY well connected in both the healthcare & higher education industries and leverage my knowledge, relationships and associates.

Healthcare & higher education resume review and LinkedIn advice. I will position you best to the healthcare community and higher education space.

I listen to your needs; find out who you are and what your career goals are. Then, I will share opportunities with the best hospitals, healthcare systems and medical groups as well as higher education groups.

I prepare you for your interviews. Knowledge of my healthcare & higher education client companies, what healthcare & higher education hiring managers like to hear about, how they hire and interview. You will be best prepared for your meetings. Take the ambiguity out of the interview process.

Free Service

Our recruiting service is absolutely free to anyone seeking a career change. Employers pay our recruiting fee and, in most cases, relocation expenses.

Elite Companies

Our ability to place candidates in top positions with elite companies nationwide has helped us earn a 100{bc017fa2ba67950c773699b4aed4460b38728a4f6cead947c7d76319c2c74870} satisfaction rate among new hires. Our team will continually give candidates access to coveted positions.


We honor and value a confidential relationship with our candidates and do not submit a resume to a potential employer without prior consent.

High Quality Positions

We leverage our nationwide industry clients to benefit our candidates in the Higher Education, Healthcare and Allied Health fields giving them access to exciting positions that are either not advertised or are confidential.


Candidates trust us to introduce them to career opportunities which represent a good fit with their background, experience and ambitions.

Weekly Newsletter

We distribute a weekly newsletter to our nationwide network of candidates who may or may not be actively in search of a new career opportunity. Anyone interested may submit their contact information to:

Guidance and Wisdom

We understand change is challenging. We offer our guidance and wisdom, assisting our candidates in navigating uncharted territory with exciting, new opportunities. Many one-time candidates have become personal friends, future clients and trusted advisers because of the relationship we built with them throughout the hiring process.

Our Process Is Customized & Rigorous

We perform the following steps to deliver outstanding service for CANDIDATES:

1. Interview

Interview candidates and determine their personal and professional goals.

2. Find Positions

Search our extensive database of job openings to find positions that match the candidate’s experience and desires.

3. Review Resume

Review the candidate’s resume and make suggestions as to how to best market their talents.

4. Provide Material

Provide candidates with pertinent interview materials and coach them before an interview is scheduled.

5. Schedule the Interview

Schedule interviews between client and candidate.

6. Follow Up

Immediately follow up with candidate after each interview for feedback.

7. Available 24/7

Continue to be available 24/7 to the candidate for further direction to ensure a successful outcome.

8. Successful

Congratulate candidates on their job offer!