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Key Attributes & Benefits To Clients

Proven Statistics to Benefit our Healthcare & Higher Education Clients

of our healthcare & higher education placed candidates have gone on to exceed their objectives in their new role making a substantial contribution to revenue.

of our healthcare & higher education client’s shortlists have been completed within 6 weeks.

of our higher education & healthcare placed candidates have been promoted within 24 months of commencing their roles.

Clients – The Talent Problem

Healthcare and Higher Education Leaders face many problems when trying to recruit and retain A-Players.

  • Do you struggle to attract top talent to your team?
  • Do you struggle replacing poor performers fast?
  • Can you get the A-Players you need during high periods of growth?
  • What is your succession plan?
  • Do you fail to attract the passive and increasingly in demand top performing talent?

My continued goal is to staff healthcare & higher education teams successfully by recruiting and screening the best healthcare & higher education candidates keeping in mind a strong culture, personality and skill-set match. Achievements happen by understanding my healthcare & higher education client’s and candidate’s needs–honing in on both parties “must-haves”. That equals continued and profitable results all around.

Who has time to screen unqualified healthcare & higher education candidates that come in from job boards or apply directly to your website? You don’t for sure! Do your job and I will do mine. I work best working directly with healthcare & higher education hiring managers or healthcare & higher education internal recruiters who “get it” and know their culture, company and team. Where are the pain-points? What works for you and your team?

Stop trying to pretend you can do it all yourself and engage with us to find out what makes Lynne Francey and Associates, LLC the perfect companion for your next healthcare or higher education hire.

Free Service

Our contingency search is totally free until the candidate starts work. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by partnering with us!

Unconditionally Guaranteed for 100 days after Start Date

We offer an unconditional 100-day satisfaction guarantee for any candidate placed. Should the candidate terminate or be terminated within the 100 day period, regardless of reason, a replacement candidate will be recruited at no additional charge – no questions asked.

Marketing Strategies to Attract to 20% of Passive Talent

LFA utilizes 24/7/365 candidate attraction methods to attract the talent you are desperately seeking. Traditional recruitment methods rely on job positing, 1 to 1 messages and on line databases missing a direct pipeline to hard to reach talent. Our far-reaching network of industry contacts also allows us to have instant access to exceptional talent.

100% Satisfaction Rate and 95% Retention Rate

Leave in up to a FIRST RATE level of professionalism in the Healthcare and Higher Education sectors.

Save Valuable Time by Reducing Overall Time to Hire

LFA continuously profiles prospective candidates and applies a structured, measurable and focused approach to only present you with the top 3 to 4 candidates for your specific requirement and hiring budget. Our clients can focus on what is most important reducing overall time to hire and gain market leading employment retention rates.

Unconditionally Guaranteed for 100 days after Start Date

We offer an unconditional 100-day satisfaction guarantee for all candidates. Should the candidate be terminated or terminate within the 100 day period, regardless of reason, a replacement candidate will be recruited at no additional charge; no questions asked.

Well known, Well Established and Highly Connected

We are proud of our proven track record in recruitment services in the healthcare and higher education sectors and the national reputation we have gained over the past 20+ years of consistently delivering critical hires.

Unparalleled Service

Our well-earned reputation is built on filling staffing needs responsibly, quickly and to client satisfaction. We blend our recruiting savvy and talent management solutions to match accomplished leaders with exemplary performance.

LFA Candidate Referral Service

Our candidate referral service allows respected professionals to uncover qualified candidates for us by recommending their colleagues for leadership positions. Their referrals continue to add outstanding candidates to our already extensive network of contacts, who might be confidentially looking or who might not yet be in the job market. This service provides us with incredibly highly qualified candidates and is among our most valued resources. A referral by a trusted source is always one which LFA wholeheartedly embraces because it translates to an A-1 candidate!

Repeat and New Business

Nearly half of our job orders are with clients we have worked with in the past. New clients continually seek us out when other firms have been unsuccessful in identifying hard to find talent.

Improve Profitability

We are recognized by our valued clients for minimizing turnover and reducing labor costs thereby improving profitability.

Ethical Code

We do not solicit for employment any person actively employed by our client companies.

LFA’s Customer Service Philosophy

LFA’s responsibility continues after the candidate is offered the position with regular check-ins to ensure candidate onboarding and performance progress.

LFA’s 4 Step Recruiting Process


Need Assessment

LFA’s Needs Assessment allows us to identify our client’s needs comprehensively so that we can develop a comprehensive Position Specification. Through this intake assessment, we develop an understanding of the critical requirements, challenges, reporting structure, compensation and benefits of the position.

Candidate Marketing Research Strategies

LFA conducts marketing research strategies to identify sources, contacts and technology and aggressively markets the position to attract the 20% passive and highly in demand A-players to our clients. We validate the candidate’s work experience, references and total compensation.

Candidate Presentation

LFA creates a total profile of each of the top 3 final candidates which summarizes how the candidate matches the specific requirements of the position; along with their accomplishments, abilities and strengths.


Candidate Retention

LFA’s customer service philosophy means on-going support is offered to candidates and clients throughout the hiring process so that a win-win is negotiated for both parties. Once the position is filled, our responsibility continues with regular check-ins to ensure on-boarding and performance progress.